Alternative Power Sources

Generator with Automatic Transfer

Losing power is no fun for home owners and can prove costly to businesses. Far too often home owners and businesses are met with power-loss due to down power lines and bad weather conditions. Families are left trying to find ways to preserve their food and desperately find ways to get power back into their homes. Don’t be left in the dark when disaster strikes and get a back-up energy source installed by Meekhof Electric before its too late.

No worries no interruptions, no loss!

  • How long this time?
  • Will my food spoil?
  • Am I going to get water in the basement?
  • How much will it cost in workers sitting around?
  • How do I make that time up?
  • What am I missing with no internet access or phones?

We will help you to never have to ask those questions again.

  • No loss in productivity
  • No interruptions of life
  • No dependence on someone else

Whether you want provide just a portion of the power you use on a daily basis for your critical needs or you want to provide all the power you use, having a plan for when – not if – the power goes out makes all the difference.