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Cost? It Pays For Itself
Typically, your savings will pay for your investment in six to twelve months. We partner with Consumers Energy and file for your rebates. We wait for the rebate check so your out of pocket costs are small and you immediately get to enjoy refreshing, energy-saving lighting.

We consider retro-lighting a win-win-win situation: you enjoy better lighting and lower energy costs, we have the privilege of winning your business, and the environment wins because you’ve reduced your carbon footprint.

Take the next step! Contact us to find out what we can do for you. We’ll let you pick out a few people to call from our group of over 300 satisfied clients who’ve trusted us to improve their lighting and reduce their energy bills.

In 2012 Meekhof Electric was 1st in the state in reducing kilowatts through retro-lighting fits, installing LED or T8 high output florescent lighting. We work hand in hand with Consumers Energy to save our customers money while reducing their carbon footprint. We do any size job from global enterprises to small shops; give us a call and see what Meekhof Electric can do for you!

Thinking About Retro-lighting?
• New lights could save you up to 50% in energy savings.
• Lower your cooling costs (metal halide can really throw the heat).
• The ballast is guaranteed for 5 years.
• The lamp is guaranteed for up to 3 years.
• Workers will love the white light, cooler temperatures, and reduced eye strain.


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