Service Calls

Master Electrician Larry Meekhof



Have you ever taken your car to the mechanic and try to explain the sound that you’re hearing when you drive the car? Your electrical system is also sometimes difficult to understand as well as to explain to someone about what’s going on in your space.

We get it! We understand you don’t want to mess with electricity, you don’t need to understand it but you just need it to work and work as efficiently as possible.  That is why we listen first, because if it’s something simple we will help you over the phone, walk you through what it may be, and help you isolate and solve the problem.

We realize your time is valuable but those few questions can save you dollars.  No need to have multiple repair people show up at your door, we send out an electrician who understands how things work that are connected to electricity.

We’ll arrive with the correct testing equipment that quickly isolates the problem and can determine your best solution.  We can usually give you a price right on site, and you know costs before we start so you are not surprised.

Because of our years of experience in construction and working with others in the trades we bring knowledge to the job that translates to quick, complete service. We’ll give you the choice of keeping the parts we replace and we’ll explain what was done, providing you peace of mind that it was done right.


Take the next step! Contact us the next time you have a problem and put our problem solving skills to work for you!