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Experts in getting the best energy incentives to better your business

What We Offer

Meekhof Electric partners with various energy companies to provide customers with low-cost lighting alternatives that save energy and maintenance costs by installing new fixtures and lights that are whiter, brighter, and more energy-efficient. Be part of reducing the energy footprint while increasing your bottom line.
Upgrading to LED lighting can reduce your lighting load by up to 75%. With energy rebates and incentives, most projects have a full ROI in less than one year. Improve appearance and safety with lower maintenance costs.

By the Numbers





Improve visibility

Provide Security in Parking Lots

Revitalize your parking lot and lower your power bill. We can replace your parking lot bulbs with lifts to service parking lot poles up to seventy feet. LED lights are brighter and provide a feeling of security for customers and employees at night. It’s a smart investment protecting people from injury and protecting your business from theft or vandalism.

Increase productivity

Ensure the Best Work Environment

LED lights lead to more productive learning and work environments while also ensuring the safety of students, employees, and customers. Improve student concentration and performance while using the most environmentally friendly lighting option. Proper lighting is crucial for workplace productivity and influences employee perception, mood, and performance to create a perfect work environment.

Reduce costs

Gain an Efficient Industrial Space

With energy-efficient lighting, reduce maintenance expenses and improve lighting quality. The functional life of LEDs last significantly longer than traditional bulbs. Retrofit current industrial lights and save up to 80% of your energy costs. In addition, LED lights, automatic timers, and motion sensors adjust only when space is occupied, resulting in predictable and efficient energy costs. True white light in LED bulbs reduces mistakes and makes color variations easier to see for better productivity.

Case Studies

Betten Baker Honda LED Upgrades

McDonald’s Interior and Exterior LED Upgrades

LED Upgrade FAQs

How can LED upgrades be done at no cost or for so little cost?

Depending on the utility company’s current incentives, your electrical usage, and the savings we are proposing, it is possible to do the upgrade at little to no cost to you. Each case is different, and our salesperson will provide you with all the information needed.

How does the LED upgrade incentive process work?

You provide the requested information to your salesperson (utility bill with the account number, etc.). They will fill out all the necessary paperwork and request the best incentive from the utility company. Meekhof Electric has become an expert in LED upgrading over the years and will be able to get you the best incentive possible. You may be required to sign pre-application paperwork, final application paperwork, estimates/invoices, and sometimes you need to provide tax ID information and/or a W-9. Our salespeople and office staff will guide you through the entire process. Once the utility company approves the incentive, we will begin the scheduling and installation.

Why do I have to sign paperwork if there is no cost to me?

Your signature is needed as acknowledgment of the electrical work that will be done. Please do your part in signing pre-apps, final paperwork, and providing requested info to ensure that we can get the incentives promptly and meet various deadlines for incentives. There are times the incentive check will go directly to the customer, so the utility company will need a W-9 and a signature.

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